What I’m Doing Now

  • I have moved back to the Philippines. After deciding on a career transition, I had no reason to stay in New York while my immigration status prevented me from venturing outside the music industry. I arrived in Manila on a near-empty plane on February 29; within two weeks, Covid-19 would become officially a pandemic. America feels like home to me, in spite of its flaws, and I’ll probably find new excuses to return after things settle down.
  • I’m fully occupied with making a complete transition to a career in software development. Since March I’ve been teaching myself programming for Android, and have been publishing and maintaining my own apps. My favorite so far is NiceFeed, and the only reason I keep up with the news nowadays. I’ve also been doing freelance web work and learning whatever I can get my hands on. In December, I plan to enroll in a local boot camp.
  • I’m taking time off from composing. I still consider opportunities as they come (and when they pay), but I’m mostly leaving things space to grow on their own. Recently, my short musical The Getaway received the Jean Banks Award from BMI and appeared on the inaugural episode of Bite-Sized Broadway.
  • Since I’m once again in a house with a piano, I’ve been playing a good deal of Beethoven. My favorites are Op. 28, Op. 57, Op. 78, Op. 81a, Op. 110, and especially Op. 109.

Inspired by Derek Sivers. Updated November 2020.