These are various side projects done on my own time and entirely (or almost entirely) from scratch, with or without collaborators, and of varying degrees of doneness – enough to all be considered shipped, though not necessarily maintained.

Some were shipped quite early into my first forays into app development and don't necessarily reflect my current ability (at least I hope not), but I'm keeping them here to remind myself at least to keep them presentable. At this time they skew heavily toward native Android apps, though moving forward, I'm more interested in developing for the web. Naturally, more to come.

More recent, unshipped projects are on my GitHub.


Android RSS feed reader written in Kotlin: search and subscribe to RSS feeds and read offline, automatic background sync. Feedly Search API, Retrofit, WorkManager, RomeTools

Google PlayF-Droid

Full Cup

Self-care scheduling and habit-tracking app: Android client written in Kotlin, Node.js backend/REST API with Google authentication and Calendar integration

Google PlayProduct Pack


MVP of a flexible scheduling app for recurring events, written in Kotlin, with calendar sync implementation using Android's Calendar Provider API

Google Play

Amazing Scoreboard

Score-keeping app for 2-8 players, use with any game

Google Play

Easy Notepad

As nice and easy an implementation of a notes app for Android that I can make, written in Kotlin

Google Play