NiceFeed: An update, and taking a break

Due to current widespread disruption of internet services in the Philippines, I am taking a short break from NiceFeed through the end of the month, and plan to use the time to… stop staring at my computer screen all the time. But I’ll try to address somewhat urgent issues should they arise.

Just today, a user wrote me about a crash in Android 6.0. I found the cause to be a few image resources that were mistakenly not accessible to API level 23 and below. Sometimes you get caught up in getting things right in all the obvious places, while big mistakes happen where you didn’t expect. After much fighting against my internet connection, I managed to roll out a quick update. It should be out on Google Play in a few days.

Also, the app has just been added to the IzzyOnDroid repo for the benefit of users outside the “walled garden”—as it has been described—of the Play Store (thanks for picking it up, IzzyOnDroid!). I appreciate the handful of users who have been trying out my app and taking the time to let me know of any issues or suggestions.