Weeknote #3: Here we are

One week on the job / Moon: waning gibbous

Yesterday, I dug up some old journal entries from 2013 in which I was wavering between grad school in composition and law school. The interesting thing is that even then, I was well aware that music as a career offered me little promise in terms of both existential and financial reward; whereas law at least offered one of those things. But even more interestingly, I knew that I wouldn't even be choosing between those two had I only chosen a technology-based career from the beginning. In the end, I (rightly) decided against law school because it "shouldn't be my excuse for not being technologically talented." How little I knew then. Eight years later, I'm writing code for work. I wish I didn't take as long as I have, but still, here we are.

Not much else to write for now, I'm afraid. Despite what I said last time, this week I ended up allowing myself no luxury to think of or do much else besides starting this new job on the right foot. By Wednesday, I was digging into a lot of code and trying to get actual things done. (I have no idea what I'm doing, though I understand this is not unusual.) From here, I'm hoping to find the right rhythm for making time for other things, something I found exceedingly difficult as a musician. Work, after all, is no end in itself, and it's been interesting to see the broad developments lately in the wider culture's attitude to work (see "antiwork"). For myself, weekends will become ever more important as a way to get regrounded in reality. I'm paying attention to the phases of the moon.