Weeknote #5: Weathernote

Three weeks on the job / Seven weeks to 2022 / 28 °C / Moon: waxing crescent

… despite the difference between classes and opinions, beliefs and political parties, religions and languages, interests and dispositions, there is something common to all people – a kind of pan-human intercourse, an ineffable mutuality. I, you, whoever is out there, the man in a village, the man in a town, all carry in them an indefinable something they share, something about which they can be in total accord. Now then, give utterance to what is the same and internally social for all people, what emanates simply and unanimously from all hearts. Do you want to, oh, do you really want to utter it?

Go and stand by the window, then, and say: 'Damned weather!'

— Karel Čapek [1]

Hot and humid days here at the start of the new month. Though complaining about the weather seems an inescapable part of the human condition (see above), I cannot understand people who dislike cold weather. I had already gotten used to November often signaling the coming of winter: shorter days (the end of daylight saving), the first freezing or near-freezing temperatures of the season, maybe even a little snow, but now I'm only reminded of how much I disagree with the tropics. I can't say what it is precisely, but there's a profound effect on the spirit when the passage of time is more obviously marked by change in one's surroundings. "To every thing there is a season" (Eclessiastes) – not here though.

I had what felt like a slow, quiet week, though not for lack of things to do. Thursday was a free day (Diwali), though I have almost no memory of it. I wish I'd had the sense to pick up a book or something, but outside of work I find it nearly impossible to function when the weather is like this. I have been learning some new music though: Bach's English Suite No. 3, though I'm afraid I only do as much as is enjoyable to me (not much). Eventually I'll get through all the movements.

And this weekend, besides endlessly tinkering with this site in many small ways, I've been learning more of Angular, which is what I primarily work with at my job. I'm working my way through Angular Projects (2nd Edition) by Aristeidis Bampakos and enjoying myself. I must say Angular is not the easiest thing I've had to learn so far though it's beginning to grow on me. So much for this week: I'm afraid I don't have much else to say, other than hope the next one brings better weather.

  1. From "Unanimity," as it appears in the anthology Believe in People: The Essential Karel Čapek, translated by Šárka Tobrmanová-Kühnová. ↩︎

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