Weeknote #6: Maybe not note

Four weeks on the job / Six weeks to 2022 / 27 °C / Moon: waxing gibbous

My hopes about the weather were not met this week, but I've been enjoying myself with more Angular tutorials. I learned to build and deploy a simple weather app as a "progressive web app" – basically a web app that can mimic a native mobile application. So at least I can find out straight from my home screen what the temperature is in a few places I'd like to visit: Istanbul (15 °C right now), Tbilisi (10 °C), Madrid (10 °C), New York (3 °C), etc. Maybe next year.

I have been working as a software developer for four weeks now, and while it has been harder than I imagined, it has also been more enjoyable than I expected. I hope it stays that way but I'm not worried. An advantage of having made this career change later in life (though not that late – I'm not old!) is that by now I have very strong sense of what I like, don't like, etc., and coding simply ticks all the right boxes for me. It has all the best parts of making music (craftsmanship, "flow," etc.), and none of the worst (having to beg for attention all the time). The only real downside of it is having to stare at a computer all the time. It occurs to me, if I want to do this over the long term, that I have to be very deliberate about cultivating real things to do off-screen.

Well, I said these weeknotes were supposed to be an experiment, and what have I learned? I'm not sure I'll keep writing them weekly. When it comes to things I don't actually have to do (especially on weekends, which I guard jealously), let's just say I'd rather not do them. It's also not at all easy for me to be spontaneous and just write whatever comes to mind and then hit "publish" (or, in my case, git push), as great as it sounds to have that ability. If I'm going to do it at all, I'd like to write with more substance.