What I'm Doing Now

This is a /now page in the style of Derek Sivers, a regularly updated list of things with which I'm preoccupied at this point in time:

  • Living/melting in the Philippines while waiting out (or learning to live with?) the coronavirus situation. I moved back here in 2020, seeking a reboot after several years of “the artist life” in New York City. The move ended up coinciding with the pandemic. I'm enjoying not having to deal with any country's immigration system for the time being, but I think it'll be time to leave again soon. I'm figuring out my next destination.

Sunset around my neighborhood (with bats)
  • Working remotely as a full-stack developer with a Singaporean AI startup – doing TypeScript, Angular, NestJS, etc., and learning everything there is to learn.

  • Not seriously working on any music right now, though my existing work continues to be performed sporadically in random corners of the world, for which I manage purchases and rentals. I'm also open to teaching privately – contact me!

  • Trying to read, think, and study with more care, and to maintain a writing habit.

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Updated November 2021.