What I'm doing now

Updated: May 2021

This is a /now page inspired by Derek Sivers, a list of things with which I'm occupied at this point in time:

  • Living/melting in the Philippines while waiting out the coronavirus situation. I moved back here in March 2020, seeking a reboot after several years of “the artist life” in New York. The move ended up coinciding with the pandemic. I'll probably go back eventually, but I'm making the most out of the change of scenery.

  • After a brief detour working a business role at a venture studio, I’ve recommitted to my pursuit of a second career in software development. I’ve joined the spring cohort of Co.Lab to ship a real product with a team and boost my experience. In my spare time I also build and maintain NiceFeed (Android) which has now started to become a true open-source project with multiple contributors.

  • Working on a musical adaptation of Noël Coward’s Hay Fever with lyricist/librettist A.J. Freeman. I took a one-year break from the project and have recently picked it back up. This time we’re collaborating with a talented and experienced director to take this show to the next level.

  • Trying to read and think with more care, and to maintain a public writing habit.

Recent "nows" worth noting

  • Graduated from a local web development bootcamp with a whole set of new skills under my belt—Node, Express, MongoDB, React/Next.js, etc.—which I’m hoping to put to good use soon.

  • Wrote a new piece (music and text) for an Off-Off-Broadway show called Swell, which premiered virtually in March 2021.