Series: Building This Site

An ongoing document of building and adding new features to this site, which never ends (Note: these are not tutorials and I'm sure they're only really useful to myself, but I find them fun to write)

7 posts

30 Oct 2021
Building this site #7: How I add new pages
Though this site is constantly changing according to my personal whims, by now I have a well-established process for adding new pages …
13 Oct 2021
Building this site #6: Search with Next.js API routes
I thought implementing dark mode on this site was challenging, but putting together a proper search feature gives it a run for its money …
18 Sep 2021
Building this site #5: Dark mode with CSS variables and JavaScript trickery
Implementing dark mode on a site can be tricky, as I've just learned for myself doing it on here …
9 Sep 2021
Building this site #4: Sorting posts
While I'm on a roll I managed to implement another feature, which, while small, begins to take this site to new territory …
8 Sep 2021
Building this site #3: Better tags and backlinks
I've been spending a lot of time with React lately, which prompted me to come back to work on this site after a few months …
12 May 2021
Building this site #2: Enabling tags
First of all, I'm happy to say my personal domain now points to this site, making the move from WordPress complete …
7 May 2021
Building this site #1: Migrating from WordPress to Next.js
For some time now I've wanted to move my site away from WordPress, which I've been using for as long as I can remember, and into something less clunky and more modern …