Startup explorations #15 / The 7-day audience building challenge

February 16, 2021

This week we're shaking things up a bit by actually implementing the project idea on a small, small scale as a way to validate it. Obviously nothing at all has been built yet—so I'll be doing everything manually. I will personally walk a handful of real, live users through meeting daily Twitter goals over seven days. The goal is to help these users get a habit started of regularly engaging with people on Twitter, in the hope of growing their own personal communities.

Specifically, here's what I'll do for each user:

  1. Give them a daily goal to meet.
  2. Recommend people for them to follow.
  3. Recommend conversations for them to engage in.
  4. Give ideas about what to post.
  5. Send a reminder when they forget or miss a goal.
  6. Track their progress daily.

In addition to the above, I'll be analyzing their profiles as carefully as I can to guide my recommendations. The main challenge here for me will be keeping track of everything (and in different time zones), and meticulously crafting a decent user experience, but I think by the end of seven days we'll get a good idea about the validity of the project and how to move forward.

I've created a very simple form to collect basic user info, with a link to a Slack workspace from which I'll be running everything. I've no idea what to expect, but this is an exciting next step in the project where I get to actually test the ideas I've been brewing and see how they fare against reality. Once again I refer to Derek Sivers for inspiration: you can get started right now by just helping one or a handful of people.

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