Startup explorations #19 / Experiment No. 2: Kickoff

March 1, 2021

I'm kicking off the new month by repeating the same experiment as last time with a different set of users (more indie developers and founders). The objectives are to 1) see if we can achieve similar results as the first group, 2) get to know our prospective customers more, and 3) get a feedback loop going and hopefully generate continued interest in the project.

In addition, I'm paying special attention to a few more things this time around:

  1. More adaptability and responsiveness in each day's challenges, taking into an account what a particular user has done the day prior and adjusting accordingly, hopefully making the experience much more personalized.
  2. Community instead of following: this means emphasizing thoughtful engagement over merely trying to get more followers.
  3. Defining one or more customer personas.
  4. Noting with as much precision as possible how I'm finding conversations to recommend (see my previous post about how I'm making recommendations).

Regarding the fourth point: recommending conversations is by far the hardest and most time-consuming part of the exercise on my end because I have to look at each user's profile everyday to handpick good opportunities for engagement. If this second experiment yields good results, we'd be at a point where starts to make sense to think about ways to scale up this operation little by little. I think it could be a very fun engineering challenge down the road.

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