Weekly Notes #1

January 16, 2021

I'm going to start these weekly notes at the end of every week as a way to pump a little more life into this site. While I have many amateur writing projects in the back burner that I'd like to dump here, it's just not a priority right now—but I can at least try to post a little more consistently. No high literary ambitions here, etc., etc.

Two weeks ago I started a new job with a venture/startup studio based in Singapore, which I'm doing all from the comfort of home. The business model is fascinating to me: a company that builds other companies in succession. Officially I'm a mobile app developer, but I'm also getting a crash course in business and entrepreneurship. I'm writing a blog about what I'm doing—I'll be spending much more time over there than here in the coming months.


Recent news out of the US has got me thinking about a few different things—not really the events themselves, but the unnatural extent to which I'm constantly bombarded with American media while I'm all the way out here. And then there is the dirty business of forming opinions based on the news, coupled with a disturbing tendency toward totalizing (and in my opinion, unearned) moral language that seems to be becoming more in vogue... Maybe a post for another day.


I've decided that my resolution for 2021 is focus. Between my new job, having to learn many new things on the fly, coding in the evenings, writing these blogs posts, music (right now the least of my concerns), I feel as if I'm committed to too many things. But this is a "pandemic pivot," a period of discovery—my goal in the next few months is to uncover the things that are truly important, and free myself of the rest.

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