Weekly Notes #3 / Digital gardening

January 31, 2021

Some stirrings here and there lately, for anyone paying attention. As I mentioned two weeks ago I've been keeping a separate blog of "startup explorations," which I've now decided to merge with this site, so that it might benefit somehow from proximity to everything else that interests me. This is an experiment.

I've been thinking more of this space as a "digital garden," a space in which to pursue multiple streams of thought ("blogchains"), and discover points at which they might intersect. A digital garden might take the form of a personal wiki, or a loose collection of networked pages, folders, and files, which may or may not be organized by publication date. For my current purposes, the reverse-chronological blog stream works well enough—a particular disadvantage of it is that older posts are necessarily left to decay in favor of newer ones, although this is exactly what I want, until I change my mind.

I rather detest the idea of specializing in any one thing, and have always looked up to polymaths, multi-hyphenates, and many-hat-wearers. But surely even these people must be able to synthesize all their competencies into a a singular purpose or other, if only out of convenience? My aim here is to discover if I can—if nothing else, a great excuse to write.

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