This website, my little corner of the internet, is an ongoing, shapeshifting document of my various interests and attempts to live a life. Naturally it is a work in progress, a mish-mash of many different things.

I live at the intersections of culture, technology, and probably a few other things as well. It’s difficult for me to condense what I do into a little soundbite. Instead, see what I’m doing now. You can even contact me—I love finding like-minded people.

About Me

I was born in the Philippine city of Legazpi and grew up in an outlying town of Metro Manila. I spent the years between 2010 and 2020 first in Singapore, then in the United States as I chased a career in the concert halls. In those years, I nurtured a love of unfamiliar surroundings and the “things of the world”.

Now, I’m pursuing a career in technology.

I’ve been rather driven by ambition, and always aspire toward high-level work, but I’ve also learned the pleasure of going about one’s business quietly and without much fuss. I admire builders and creators of art, technology, and institutions.

Were you looking for my music? All that has migrated to music.cerdenia.com.

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