I'm Joshua Cerdenia.

I'm a software developer, erstwhile concert music composer, and perennial dabbler in an assortment of other things. This is my online home and digital garden, where I write about things I'm learning, building, and thinking about across various subjects.

I'm ridding myself of (most) social media and experimenting with creating my own social network via email list. Please subscribe if you'd like to receive sporadic updates about what I'm up to.

See what I'm doing now, or read more about me/this site.

Recent posts

14 Nov 2021
Weeknote #6: Maybe not note
Four weeks on the job / Six weeks to 2022 / 27 °C / Moon: waxing gibbous
7 Nov 2021
Weeknote #5: Weathernote
Three weeks on the job / Seven weeks to 2022 / 28 °C / Moon: waxing crescent
31 Oct 2021
Weeknote #4: Dystopia, vaccination, Midnight Mass
Halloween / Two weeks on the job / Moon: waning crescent
30 Oct 2021
Building this site #7: How I add new pages
Though this site is constantly changing according to my personal whims, by now I have a well-established process for adding new pages …
24 Oct 2021
Weeknote #3: Here we are
One week on the job / Moon: waning gibbous
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