This website is an ongoing, shapeshifting document of my various pursuits, experiments, and attempts to live a life. I’m interested in the intersections of culture, technology, and probably several others things as well.

I write code, words, and music. See what I’m doing now. You can even contact me.

I love the ethos of the “digital garden” and try to cultivate it here. Naturally the whole site is a work in progress, a mish-mash of different notes and nothings, a place for things to take root and grow. Terms of service apply.

A little biography

I was born and raised in the Philippines. I spent the years 2010–2020 first in Singapore, then in the United States chasing a career as a composer. In those years, I nurtured a love of unfamiliar places and being surrounded by people of various stripes.

Recently I returned to my home country and decided to pursue a parallel career in technology. Who knows what next? I look up to builders and creators of art, technology, and institutions.

Were you looking for my music? All that has migrated to music.cerdenia.com.