I'm a composer turned coder, pursuing a second career in software development and exploring many other side interests along the way. I write about things I'm learning, building, or anything else that catches my attention.

Born and raised in the Philippines, I started my career as a musical theater pianist at age 12. In the years before COVID, I was based out of New York City, writing symphonic and chamber music and working in arts administration—while dabbling in programming and website-building whenever I could. I still write musical theater, and look forward to playing little concerts and cabarets again before too long.

Contact me at joshua [at] cerdenia [dot] com. I enjoy meeting people with similarly wide interests.


I'm interested in web development along the full stack (though leaning towards the back end), writing primarily in JavaScript and using Node, Express, MongoDB, and React/Next.js. I'm also especially interested in developing natively for Android with Kotlin. Apart from these, I enjoy dabbling in data analysis with Python and am somewhat fond of SQL. I'm actively in search of where my true strengths lie.

Socials, for people interested in such things

  • Instagram: mainly pictures of nice scenery and stories featuring dogs, cats, and occasional piano playing.
  • LinkedIn: for businesslike connection and whatnot.

About this site

Bootstrapped with Next.js and hosted on Vercel. Many parts still under construction.